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With Flash Inspect, you not only gain the ability to inspect rooms with ease; you can also assess performance and lessen turnover time. This means a more efficient way to increase your revenue and ensure the highest levels of service are being presented at all times.

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Whether it’s a hotel, motel, B&B or resort, the time it takes to coordinate and communicate with staff can be staggering to say the least. Flash Inspect consolidates your various inspections and checklist needs to ensure the right data is being delivered, right when you need it.

• Sync your data
• Protect your information
• Increase efficiency
• Improve guest satisfaction


Who can use Flash Inspect?

✓ Owners
✓ Regional Managers
✓ General Managers
✓ Supervisors
✓ Directors of Housekeeping
✓ Directors of Operations
✓ Executive Housekeepers
✓ Quality Assurance Managers
✓ Housekeepers
✓ Maintenance Professionals

What can Flash Inspect be used for?

✓ Check in checklists
✓ Check out/Turnover checklists
✓ Check in/Check out inspections
✓ Property operations checklists
✓ Cleaning/housekeeping checklists
✓ Cleaning inspections
✓ Supply checklists
✓ Supply forms
✓ Damage reports
✓ Maintenance reports
✓ Health inspections
✓ Owner reports
✓ Pool/hot tub/gym inspections
✓ Amenities checklists
✓ Room inspections
✓ Punched room checklists
✓ Housekeeper assessments
✓ Quarterly inspections
✓ Periodic inspections
✓ Daily logs


Getting started with Flash Inspect was a piece of cake. The team was awesome and helped setup our account!



Find out how easy it is to add Flash Inspect into your business, in any industry.