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Facilities Management

Health and safety inspections, cleaning and maintenance checklists, property and equipment reports—with so much data, it can be hard to keep track of the latest information. Flash Inspect removes the guesswork by consolidating your crucial data points into one easy-to-use app. Not only does it make data collection a snap; it also helps to present a more complete picture of the value you provide.

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Our system offers flexible and customizable templates for all indoor and outdoor inspections needs to ensure that all your commercial properties are up-to-code and always operating at the highest levels.

Plus, with all the standardized data every sub-department is collecting on a regular basis, you’ll find tenders are easier to write up and you’re better leveraged to present a more complete picture of your overall value.


Who can use Flash Inspect?

✓ Facility Managers
✓ Project Managers
✓ Regional Managers
✓ Property Managers
✓ Director of Operations
✓ Incident Managers
✓ Security Managers
✓ Building Supervisors
✓ Safety Inspectors
✓ Maintenance Supervisors
✓ Maintenance Professionals
✓ Professional Cleaners
✓ Landscape Professionals
✓ Electricians
✓ Equipment Mechanics
✓ Engineers
✓ Fire Safety Personnel

What can Flash Inspect be used for?

✓ Property inspections
✓ Building inspections
✓ Parking lot inspections
✓ Equipment inspections
✓ Equipment test reports
✓ Equipment checklists
✓ Asset checklists
✓ Order forms
✓ Surveillance reports
✓ Health inspections
✓ Injury reports
✓ Daily reports
✓ Compliance inspections
✓ Cleaning checklists
✓ Consumables checklists
✓ Cleaning inspections
✓ Damage reports
✓ Safety inspections
✓ Fire system inspections
✓ Maintenance reports
✓ Daily checklists
✓ Weekly checklists
✓ Monthly checklists


Getting started with Flash Inspect was a piece of cake. The team was awesome and helped setup our account!



Find out how easy it is to add Flash Inspect into your business, in any industry.