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Due Diligence

Here at Flash Inspect, we understand the true importance of due diligence. It’s why we’re proud to be helping investors all over the world save millions by providing an intuitive digital solution that fully utilizes a robust suite of ratings, scores, notes and photos to ensure they always have the right information, right when they need it.

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Investing in a commercial or residential property can be extremely stressful. There’s so much data to gather, especially when trying to ensure the property is structurally sound, safe and habitable, up-to-code, and most importantly—worth the price tag.

Flash Inspect was designed from the ground up to ease these burdens and put the power of data right in your hands. And our latest version (V3) only adds to these already powerful capabilities to ensure improved efficiency and a more user-friendly experience for all.


Who can use Flash Inspect?

✓ Owners
✓ Buyers
✓ Investors
✓ Property Managers
✓ Real Estate Agents

What can Flash Inspect be used for?

✓ Due diligence
✓ Damage reports
✓ Property history reports
✓ Tenant history reports
✓ Foundation inspections
✓ Structure inspections
✓ Electrical inspections
✓ Gas line inspections
✓ HVAC inspections
✓ Plumbing inspections
✓ Sewer inspections
✓ Insulation inspections
✓ Pest inspections
✓ Fire alarm inspections
✓ CO2 alarm inspections
✓ Security inspections
✓ Mold inspections
✓ Natural disaster risk reports
✓ Maintenance reports
✓ Pool inspections
✓ Hot tub inspections


Getting started with Flash Inspect was a piece of cake. The team was awesome and helped setup our account!



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